Smoothieboard is now from sale from the US ( by Logxen, Smoothie/Smoothieboard dev ) and Europe ( by Arthur, Smoothie/Smoothieboard dev ).

Europe and rest of the world

North America


If you want to become a reseller, please email us.

Out of stock?

You find all shops are out of stock ? There's a lot of demand and it's not easy being always in stock. We might actually still have boards for you, or be close to refilling. To be sure you don't miss somehing, email us:

Broken boards

If you feel like a hacker extraordinaire, or can live with a bit of loss of functionality, you can also get partially broken boards here at a very serious discount.



Smoothieboard is OpenHardware, made collaboratively by a community of volunteer contributors.

You are free to use it, make it, sell it, modify it ( as long as you release the changes under the same license ).

If you want to make it yourself and use the Smoothie* namespace, you want to take a look here.