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 <callout type="​warning"​ icon="​true">​ <callout type="​warning"​ icon="​true">​
 {{ :​start/​icon-oshw.png?​40|}} {{ :​start/​icon-oshw.png?​40|}}
-Smoothieboard v2 is making progress, both on the hardware and firmware fronts. We hope to be able to run a Kickstarter ​campaign for it a few months from now. Note that even when this happens, it will still take a long time before v2 is as mature and useful as v1 currently is, so v1 is still your best option for a long while. If you want to stay informed of when the campaign will start ( to get those yummy early bird rewards ), help us with the dev, or help us promote the campaign, please [[wolf.arthur@gmail.com|email us]] +Smoothieboard v2 is now on Kickstarter ​! Get ​your board [[https://​www.kickstarter.com/projects/​arthurwolf/​smoothieboard-v2|here.]]
- +
-**August 2018, see [[https://​www.youtube.com/watch?​v=vGpA_oNiEmY|the latest update on Youtube]]**. +
 </​callout>​ </​callout>​