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 This is because of physics and inertia. This is because of physics and inertia.
 </​callout>​ </​callout>​
 +== Adjusting Z once printing starts (sometimes called babysteps)
 +You can adjust the Z while it is printing by using the WCS offsets.
 +For instance to raise the head 0.1mm..
 +1. G10 P0 L2 Z0.1 # this will set the Z WCS to 0.1mm higher, however it will NOT move the head immediately as it only takes effect on the next G1 that has a Z in it
 +2. G0 Znnn # this will move the Z after the last received g code to nnn, you will need to make sure that nnn is the actual z height you want right now (usually the Z it is currently at, as 0.1mm will be added to that due to step 1)
 == All options == All options