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Votre guide d'installation de Smoothieboard dans une Fraiseuse CNC

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Bien que moins courante qu'une imprimante 3D “Smoothiefiée”, une fraiseuse à commande numérique est relativement aisée à “Smoothiefier”.

Ceci est un guide pas à pas de connection de votre carte aux différents composants de la la fraiseuse CNC et de configuration complet, du début jusqu'à effectivement usiner de la matière.

Ce guide est un effort de la communauté, et cette page est un wiki. Toute aide étant bien venue, n'hésitez pas à l'éditer pour en corriger les erreurs et y ajouter des informations.

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Smoothie firmware tries to create a single firmware for all types of machines ( you then adapt the firmware to your machine type by changing the configuration ).

However, due to lack of flash space on the v1 hardware, the v1 Smoothie firmware has an optional special “CNC” build.

It includes :

  • A special CNC version of the Panel screens
  • grbl_mode enabled by default
  • The Spindle module

You will find informations on flashing the firmware here






Drilling canning cycles

Smoothie now supports drilling canning cycles, using the Drillingcycles module

However, if you do not want to use the module, there are solutions to convert those into “normal” G-codes :


If you run into trouble, something doesn't work as it should, head over to the Troubleshooting page for a list of common problems and means of diagnosis.

You can also contact the Community for help if you can't find an answer in the documentation.


: I have a Shapeoko 2 Desktop CNC Mill and the Y axis has 2 steppers on the same driver, will that work? : The drivers can only handle up to 2 amps (cooling might be required at 2 amps). If you are using NEMA 17 steppers, you should be fine (might want to bump up the amperage to something like 1.8A). NEMA 23 motors typically pull more amperage than a single driver can handle, you are going to want to separate the Y axis steppers out on separate drivers. See the next section for details

The defaults in the config file are sufficient for testing. You'll probably want to turn down the acceleration, however. Depending on your machine type, a good recommendation is 25mm/second^2.

You'll also want to disable the extruder_module, laser_module, temperature_control.hotend, and endstops if you don't use their respective functions.

You should be able to connect and issue Gcode commands to your CNC mill with Pronterface. This'll allow you to jog your motors and see whether you've wired and configured everything correctly